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Tate Talks: Pecking Order Panel discussion at the Tate Modern, London 14/12/2019

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“Church of Performance Fucks the Patriarchy” IFTR World Congress, Belgrade 12/7/2018

BRUX/Freies Theater Innsbruck, Church of Performance in Residence

La Mort Vivant (2018), IFTR World Congress, Belgrade (Serbia)


Bible Drinking, or 'Building Bridges with Buckfast'. Side Burns at Buzzcut Festival, Glasgow 2017.

Bare Knuckles, Mnt Edgcumbe, March 2017

The Dictionary of Church of Performance

la sainte trinité, Natalie Raven (Church of Performance) Festival Ipswich and Plymouth, 2016

La Mort Vivant (2016). Open Space Days, Lames (Austria)

Sackcloth and Ashes (2016). Studio Utopia Theatre, Tempting Failure, London.