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Performed on the 20th September 2017 as part of "HAPPY DYSTOPIA / DIE FRÖHLICHE DYSTOPIE" in Ravensburg. Many thanks to the NRVK (Neuer Ravensburger Kunstverein e.V.) and photographer Nikita Anders
[see below for German version]

EXORCISE In times of political crises and societal impotence, there is always a trend towards self-optimization, the implementation of abstract parameters on our bodies, e.g. 'clean eating'. Through the control of our body on the permanent search for structure we try to compensate for this loss of control. What is praised today as a healthy lifestyle was formally an eating disorder.With aerobic records and neon coloured leg warmers we catapult ourselves back into the 80s, a time when everything seemed more light-hearted, because we were children and too stupid to understand national and global conflicts. Or we were not yet born, and imagine a world that was better and more beautiful.

As Konstantin Stanislavski, with his half…

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